Who we are

Divyadarshan International Television is a registered television broadcasted under Shree Krishna Pranami Media Pvt. Ltd. The CEO of the company Mr. Mani Pandey solely come up with the idea to establish a television channel dedicated to religion and religious views. As himself a devotee towards Shree Krishna Pranami Dharma, Mr. Pandey always been thinking about the prosperity of Shree Krishna Pranami Dharma and equally to all other religions in existence in Nepal, India, Bhutan and all over the rest of the world.

His idea to promote religional and cultural values is not a overnight success, but exrtremely moving forward with small steps. Still a long way to go, despite initial phases were’nt easy. He also focus his priority towards Shree Krishna Pranami Dharma but have provided all the resources and belief equaly to other religion as well. Hinduism aka Sanatan Dharma has lots of disciple all over the world. It is also known as the one of the oldest religion in the world.

With all due efforts of the team inside Divyadarshan International Televison, Mr. Pandey and his group includes few members as follows:

Name: Mani Pandey

Post: Managing Director

Name: James Pandey

Post: Technical Engineer

Name: Manisha Nepal

Post: Operation Manager

Name: Sagun Sigdel

Post: Editor

Name: Suraj Dhakal

Post: Cameraman (Primary)

Name: Binod Maharjan

Post: Cameraman (Secondary)